The budding scientist

This thirteen-year-old girl has proven to us that an opportunity is all that she needs to rise above the struggles.

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Malleshwari resides with her grandparents along with her five elder sisters. Life is indeed a struggle for these girls, as they have to survive with the meager income sent by their parents who are migrant workers.

Opportunity did knock at Malleshwari’s door when Gandhian Organisation for Rural Development (GORD), supported by Vibha, identified her through the school engagement programme.

Malleshwari was able explore her talents by making best use of the education materials, the exposure visits and the capacity enhancement opportunities provided by GORD. Thanks to the constant encouragement of GORD mentors, Malleshwari’s science project on ‘solar power in agrarian sector’ was awarded first prize at the district level and was also selected for the state level competition.

Malleshwari says, “I lost all hopes of a bright future, life was always a struggle as we had to exist with what little we had. I used to be very shy and was hesitant to participate in any events. I had attended the leadership trainings provided by GORD-VIBHA and it was for the first time I gained confidence to speak out my mind. Thanks to the constant encouragement of my mentors, I was able to present my project and secure first place a the district level science competition.

Vibha’s support to GORD has resulted in improving the quality of education and infrastructure facilities of the schools located in the most interior parts of Andhra Pradesh, India. Vibha has been successful in enabling girl children to access quality education. To discover more young scientists, support Vibha!

More About Gandhian Organisation for Rural Development (GORD)

The Gandhian Organisation for Rural Development is a voluntary Service Organisation working primarily for rural development since the year 1984 in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. The area is most backward both Economically and Socially and subjected to perennial drought conditions due to low rainfall and lack of irrigation facilities.

With support from Vibha, GORD is replicating of the concept of Sikshana in the GORD school system. Using structured problem solving methods Sikshana has created a cost effective solution to address the shortcomings of individual schools, which ensure that more children benefit from education, and graduate from high school with basic livelihood skills.

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Project location : Madanapalli, Andhra Pradesh
Number of children supported : 6748
Annual Budget provided : 18,00,000 Rs.

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