Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation..
Whatever your special occasion is, when you celebrate it with Vibha, you are helping thousands of children live a better future, celebrate their own brighter tomorrows. Create your own fundraiser or honor your friend or loved one by making a donation to Vibha in their name.

Why do it?
India, by one count, has 18 million street children and over 22 million child laborers. Nearly 20% of the children 6-14 years old have no access to primary education. Less than 45% receive the immunization required to protect them from deadly illnesses. Half the children do not get enough food every day and are chronically or acutely undernourished.
We can change this.
Vibha is a movement that empowers you to make a difference - whether you are a volunteer, donor or social entrepreneur. Founded in 1991, Vibha through it’s  efforts have supported more than 250 child development projects in India and the US benefiting more than 300,000 children. In 2016, through all our fundraisers, Vibha raised close to $750,000. This will help support 45,000 children. Our target is to support another 15,000 children. We need your help.
On your special day, let’s celebrate new beginnings.

How can you help?


Celebrate with Vibha and give the gift of hope by creating your own fundraiser on your special day. Funds raised will go towards funding educational materials, vocational training, teacher training, setting up libraries, rehabilitation of differently-abled children, basic immunizations and rescue of children from vulnerable situations.


Honor your friend or loved one by making a donation to Vibha in their name as an alternative gift idea on birthdays, anniversaries, or any other holiday. Acknowledgements of your gift will be sent to the honoree.